Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Moving on up..

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Just call me Pip....

self portrait 2011

My Great expectation..

Can someone tell me...

whats the point in google+ ......

in fact I would like to know the point in a lot of online doohickeys, and whatcha-ma-call-its because to be real honest I barely use the stuff but seems like perhaps i should? I suspect there are people twice my age (50) that have more of an understanding of these things and they probably use twitter too.

I sometimes think I need to take a course in 'understanding the current age' and pull my head out of books about art philosophy and learn how some of this stuff works. maybe then some of the you invisible viewers might follow me. or comment on stuff.

I really am in a world of my own most of the time.

Italian Job...

Just need Mini's then we will be alright....

On a weekly basis I set myself ridiculous tasks of stuff to complete and never feel like I have achieved anything, even though I get art done, I draw comics, I make homemade cheese (yes thats a thing I do) I design tee's, I write for various things, theres more but I forget.

Im constantly looking at my blog lost in the bright screen of my mac thinking about how I can edit and re-edit myself for what I can only assume is some sort of 'professionalism' thinking that someone on the other side of the internet is reading this and engaging with my 'work' but lets face it, I'm just another faceless voice in this wondrous void of the internet. In the time it has take me to type this up from my note book, and breaking to make coffee. You would in as much time, have read this and continued into the internet hole and have watch videos of cute animals doing cute things.

so I thought 'What the hell'

why should I just blog about stuff someone might glance at as they pass through blogger onto something else, hell, I do it all the time.

though I don't feel as though I'm going to strive for the 'Warholian' 15 minutes of fame I am going to post a little more of myself than just 'art' because lets face it. I'm far from professional.